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Cecelia Dawn

Freeze Mark: 14745452 

Birth Year: 2014

Description: Bay Mare

From: Sulpher UT

Date Gathered: 02/28/2015

Arrived at New Freedom Farm: 08/15/2015

Miles Trailered to arrive at NFF: 2,050

Mustang Cecelia Dawn was the very first Mustang to come through the gates of New Freedom Farm, Lois’s first Mustang and also known as her Sobriety Sister! To say Cecelia and Lois have a special bond is an understatement. She may be small, but don’t let her size fool you, she is full of spunk.  She can make a trailer dance…just ask Lois about the ride from the holding facility to the farm. Lois and Cecelia learned so much together, Lois learned about Mustangs and Cecelia learned about humans. Together they taught each other patience, trust and love. Cecelia is a sweet mare and can often be found in the far pasture grazing with the mare’s and Eli.

Likes:  Head and back rubs, grazing with the mares, greeting visitors when she is in the front pastures

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