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Last Chance Spirit

Freeze Mark: N/A – Micro Chipped

Birth Year: Augst 10th 2020

Description: Bay Gelding

From: Devils Garden CA

Born Here at New Freedom Farm

Beautiful Grace arrived at New Freedom Farm in the heat of the summer 2020. She holds the record for the longest trip across the country not only in the middle of summer, in the middle of a pandemic but she also did it in foal!  Wow did Lois get a surprise when she found out that the belly she arrived with was not filled with hay but was carrying Mr. Last Chance Spirit, born at New Freedom Farm on 08/10/2020.  You read that right, Grace gave birth just a month after arriving to the farm.  Lois worked countless hours, all times of the day and night gentling Grace as quickly as Grace would allow to ensure a safe delivery for all. Grace enjoys observing the goings on of the farm from a distance, she is a drafty mare with a gentle disposition. Grace can usually be found in a center pasture along the drive enjoying the company of others on both sides.  Last Chance Spirit is a spunky 1 year old that spends most of his time with Chip, Lois’s first horse and the only Palomino on the farm. Spirit loves people and will follow anyone ready to give him attention.

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