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Community Service


Thank you for your interest in completing your community service requirement at New Freedom Farm.

New Freedom Farm values community service workers and believes these workers also benefit from their contribution to the farm. The goal of involving community service workers on the farm is to ensure individuals are valued and appreciated, and their time spent here is rewarding and enjoyable.

All individuals seeking to complete Community Service with New Freedom Farm need to fill out the forms below and schedule a time to meet with a staff member.

                         Things You Need to Know

New Freedom Farm boasts a wonderfully relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. To keep things running smoothly and keep everyone feeling safe and welcome, we ask that anyone coming on site please keep the following things in mind:


  • Respect, managers, good communication and teamwork is required by all who come to the farm.

  • Wear old clothes (not a rule per say, but a great suggestion!).

  • Totally enclosed shoes or boots that can get dirty are required. Inappropriate clothing will result in folks being asked to leave the premises. If further clarification is required on what clothing is considered appropriate, please ask.

  • Pack a lunch and drinks for your visit.

  • No alcohol, drugs, bad language, or mistreatment of animals or humans will be tolerated.

Required Community Service Forms

Community Service Form – this form includes information regarding how many hours of community service are needed and by when. If under age 18, a parent/guardian must sign this form.

Participant’s Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement – this Agreement is required for all volunteers. If a volunteer is under the age of 18 (a minor), the parent/guardian must also sign BOTH this form and the Parent/Guardian Waiver on behalf of the child.

Parent/Guardian Waiver – For Minors (only required for those under the age of 18) – this Waiver is required for anyone volunteering at the farm who is under the age of 18 and must be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian.


Confidentiality Policy and Volunteer/Intern Agreement – this Waiver is required for anyone volunteering at the farm. We take the privacy and confidentiality of anyone participating in events at the farm seriously.


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