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Our Mission

New Freedom Farm provides refuge as well as a bridge to rehabilitation and recovery from trauma to veterans, first responders, and equines, including the American Mustang.

Our Vision

New Freedom Farm envisions a future where all veterans and first responders are empowered, healthy, and supported, and all equines have peaceful homes.

New Freedom Farm Values:


We are committed to providing an environment in which everyone experiences a sense of belonging and worth. We honor relationships and take responsibility for fostering trust and respect.



We support, trust, and empower staff, volunteers, and visitors to the farm to further New Freedom Farm's mission.



We are trustworthy and reliable. We welcome accountability and conduct our business with honesty and transparency.



We honor the intrinsic dignity, autonomy, and worth of each person. We are considerate of other's feelings, values, and points of view.



We believe that society benefits from the contributions of people with diverse personal characteristics (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, age, geographic location, sexual orientation, gender, and disability).



We believe that all people are entitled to respect, dignity, equality, safety, and security.



We are committed to pursuing the highest possible standards at every level of the organization. We are committed to putting forth our personal and professional best.



We work as a team, achieving more collectively than individually.

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