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Guide to Freedom Fest 2021 at New Freedom Farm

The Fourth Annual “Freedom Fest”, hosted by New Freedom Farm and set in beautiful Buchanan, VA in Botetourt County, will provide family fun over three weekends in September. The event, a fundraiser for New Freedom Farm, promises 70+ craft and goods vendors, food trucks, live entertainment, activities for children, and over 80 raffle baskets.

New Freedom Farm, a registered nonprofit, is a safe haven for veterans and first responders, and their families. Founded in 2016 by combat veteran and forensic nurse Lois Fritz, the farm uses the therapeutic benefits of horses to help veterans and first responders process their trauma.

Come learn about wild mustangs and the healing power of horses while enjoying delicious food, amazing music, and shopping! There will be something for everyone!

Event Details

2021 Freedom Fest

Date: September 11-12, 18-19, and 25-26

Location: New Freedom Farm

6118 Lithia Road

Buchanan, VA 24066

Vendor List



September 11

12PM - 1PM        9/11 Ceremony, Jacob Holdren
1PM - 2PM          Ella Folk
2PM - 5PM          Rick Sloan
5PM - 6PM          Bill Price

September 12

10:45am             Purple Heart Recipient, Minister Brian Moore Voice of, “One Minute Moore”. Author “Purple Hearts & Wounded Spirits”
11AM - 12PM     Peter Farnham
12PM - 1PM       Caleb Love
2PM - 4PM         BLU3PRINT    2021 Smith Mountain Lake Battle of the Bands People’s Choice AND Judge’s Pick!
4PM - 6PM         Keith & Melissa Webb




September 18

9AM - 11AM        Skyler Gilbert
11AM - 1PM        Linda Watkins School of Dance
1PM - 2PM          Bright Aku
2PM - 3P             Addie Bankert
3PM - 5PM          Pico Road Band
5PM - 6PM          Bill Hudson

September 19

9AM - 11AM        Mike Franke
11AM - 1:30PM   Tate Tuck
2PM - 6PM          Eric Wayne Band




September 25

11AM - 12PM       The Brothers Young – 2021 FIRST PLACE youth winners at Galax Old Fiddler’s Convention!
12PM - 2PM         Kenny Seay Students
2PM - 6PM           Fender Benders


September 26

9AM - 11AM          Skyler Gilbert
11AM - 12PM        Peter Farnham
12PM - 1PM         Caleb Love
1PM - 2PM            Patchwork Band
2PM - 4PM            BLU3PRINT – 2021 Smith Mountain Lake Battle of the Bands People’s Choice AND Judge’s Pick!
4PM - 6PM            Mike Franke


Tickets are $7/day for ages 14 and up (13 and under are free). There are no refunds for the event. Only leashed service dogs with a distinguished vest or card may enter.

Please be respectful of the property owners and only visit the farm during designated event hours. If you go past the gates/roped-off areas during non-events hours, you are trespassing.

More than 70 arts, crafts, and food vendors bring their wares to the farm each year, including many from all over Virginia and some from out of state! You’ll find artisan wares, fresh-baked treats, and home goods available for purchase, from jewelry and paintings to handmade items of all types.

The self-guided Wild Mustang tour will tell the stories of New Freedom Farm’s mustangs from round-up until the present day.

Limited edition YETI cups, t-shirts, and Barnyard Bucky Coffee for sale to benefit New Freedom Farm!

Over 85 chance raffle baskets! Tickets for the raffle are 1 for $1.00, 5 for $5.00, and 15 for $10.00.

You'll also love the options provided by the food vendors in attendance. Delicious hotdogs and burgers, BBQ and fixings, kettle corn, shaved ice, and even Chick-fil-A, will be available to purchase*!   *Vendors will vary daily
Also, don’t forget to take a photo with the military-themed #LOVE sign and share it via your preferred social media platform. Tagging @newfreedomfarmva, @visitvbr, @visitvirginia, and @beaverdamsunflowers, and #LOVEVA is always encouraged!

Quick Tips

  • Tickets are required to enter and are sold online in advance and at the gate. Purchase tickets
 online now.

  • Leashed service dogs are permitted; all others are not.

  • The farm is forced to close if there are storms. It will remain open with light showers.

  • This is a working farm. There is no natural shade and the paths are gravel, dirt, or grass. There will be bugs so insect repellent is strongly recommended.

  • Parking is free; a limited number of handicap spaces are available so let the attendant know if one is needed.

  • Disabled visitors: Shuttle pick-up and drop-off provided at parking, vendor, and barnyard areas

  • Port-a-johns are available around the event. 

  • Alcohol and illegal substances are not allowed on the property.

  • Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas only; proper disposal of extinguished butts in appropriate receptacles is required. 

  • Feeding and touching animals on farm property is PROHIBITED. 

  • ATM available on-site.

Nearby Fun

Turn your visit to New Freedom Farm’s Freedom Fest into an entire fun weekend in Botetourt County in Virginia's Blue Ridge! Don't miss the Beaver Dam Sunflower Festival, which will be held at Beaver Dam Sunflower Farm on September 10-19. It's only 5 miles from New Freedom Farm and will feature a variety of vendors and events.

Located in the nearby Town of Buchanan is an adorable main street, with a classic soda fountain (Buchanan Fountain & Grille), amazing sweet treats at The James River Drip, charming Buchanan Theatre, Twin River Outfitters to help you get on the Upper James River Water Trail, great local shops, and its iconic Swinging Bridge.

barn start of mustang tour.JPG
MHF veterans and mustangs banner (1).jpg

Established in 2001, the Mustang Heritage Foundation created and implemented programs to support the Bureau of Land Management through increased placements of wild horses and burros into private care.

Since its inception, MHF has placed more than 16,000 horses and burros into private care and engaged more than 600 trainers in these efforts.


Extreme Mustang Makeover competitions showcase the beauty, versatility, and trainability of wild horses. Competitors spend approximately 100 days training a wild horse to compete for cash and prizes. At the end of the event, all horses are available for adoption or purchase.

The Trainer Incentive Program (TIP) is a successful training and adoption program that engages talented horse trainers nationwide. Approved trainers gentle wild horses and burros, then find new homes for the animals. Once a home is approved, trainers are reimbursed for their training and marketing services.

2019-2020 Facts


•    2,456 horses and burros placed through Mustang Heritage Foundation programs
•    $122,800,000 saved for the Bureau of Land Management
•    Nearly 600 progam participants

Trainer Incentive Program (TIP)

•    447 trainers
•    $2,321,573 paid in TIP placements
•    $2,792 average commission

Extreme Mustang Makeover

•    148 competitors
•    $109,185 paid in event incentives
•    6,000 spectators

Learn more at

Wild Mustang and Burro Freeze Marks

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) uses freeze marking to identify captured wild horses and burros. Freeze marking is a permanent, unalterable, and painless way to identify each horse and burro as an individual. It is applied on the left side of the neck. It follows the International Alpha Angle System, which uses a series of angles and alpha symbols that cannot be altered. The mark contains the Registering Organization (U.S. Government), year of birth, and registration number.


The technique is simple and completely painless to the animal. The left side of the neck is shaved and washed with alcohol, and the mark is applied with an iron that is chilled in liquid nitrogen. The hair at the site of the mark will grow back white and show the identification number.

In addition to the freeze mark on the left side of the neck, sanctuary wild horses are marked on the left croup with four­inch high Arabic numerals that correspond with the last four digits of the freeze mark on the neck.

Although every effort is made to apply freeze marks that are legible, occasionally freeze marks do get blurred. This happens when the animal moves as the iron is applied, resulting in all or some of the identification number becoming illegible. The graph below illustrates how to read a freeze mark.


Heritage, the official mascot of the Mustang Heritage Foundation, shows off his freeze mark.


Freeze mark number range by State

Arizona:  80001-160000

California:  160001-240000

Colorado:  240001-320000

Idaho:  320001-400000

Montana:   400001-480000

Nevada:  480001-640000

New Mexico:  640001-720000

Oregon:  0-80000
Utah:  720001-800000

Wyoming:  800001-880000

Eastern States:  880001-880100