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Freeze Mark: 12620494

Birth Year: 2012

Description: Gray

From: Diamond, NV

Gathered: 02/05/2013

Arrived at New Freedom Farm: 3/01/2020

Miles Trailered to arrive at NFF: 2,285

Mustang Sage is the only Gray horse to reside at New Freedom Farm, he is stunning and turns heads of those who come through the gates. He was shy upon his arrival and took some time to trust, but he is a gentle soul who can often be found grazing with pasture mate General. Sage’s divided mane is unique (Ghost has one too…) and his coloring is exquisite.  Like Watson and Grace, he has his humans he trusts and tends to like to hang out with the lady humans.

Likes: Grain bowl, grazing on green grass, spending time with volunteer Beth

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