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H's Thor

Freeze Mark: none born here at New Freedom Farm

Birth Year: April 12, 2021

Description: white/spotted colt

From: Adobe Town WY

Dolley Madison is the most recent Mustang to call New Freedom Farm home and much like Grace she arrived in foal. That’s right, to Lois’s surprise the last two Mustangs to join the New Freedom Farm family were pregnant. Dolley is a sweet mare that enjoys people and head rubs, she had a gentle and calm demeanor.  If you have the opportunity to muck her pasture be prepared for it to take twice as long as you expect, she likes to “help” by standing right next to you, give you rubs with her head and follow you everywhere.  She is happy to take the muck rake and try cleaning up after herself, but it’s best if she stands by and supervises.  Lois spent countless hours working with Dolley so she would be comfortable in a stall in the barn. While she tolerates the stall well now, regardless of the weather she prefers to be outdoors in a pasture. (Can you blame her? She spent the first 5 years of her life taking in the beautiful views of south Wyoming.) Thor was born at the farm on April 12, 2021. He is fun, spunky, full of life, and full of himself. Thor has yet to meet a stranger, he is at the fence line waiting to say hello to the next human that smiles at him. H’s Thor is named in memory of the great Rolling Thunder members Harold Einhorn,  who spent countess hours helping with events at the farm.

Likes: Being outside and with people, especially men. Getting and giving rubs, joining up with humans for a walk around the pasture

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