It takes a lot of people power to keep things running at New Freedom Farm. Volunteers are used to help with much of the day-to-day physical labor needed to keep the farm running smoothly.

The volunteer program is designed to bring both volunteers and veterans who have a deep love and respect for horses (especially mustangs) together with horses that need love and respect.


General Volunteer Activities

  • Grooming & Feeding

  • Training Horses

  • Mucking out stalls and paddocks

  • Fence mending

  • Cleaning farm facilities

  • Painting

  • Special event setup/cleanup

  • Administration assistance

  • Large mailing preparation

  • Fundraising

  • Grant writing

  • Help save a veteran

Volunteer Opportunities

Special Events Help – we have special events throughout the year at New Freedom Farm that require extra hands! If you would like to help with any special events throughout the year, please let us know.

Some annual events we always need help with are:

  • Freedom Fest

  • Barnyard BBQ

  • Thanksgiving in the Barn


Committee Volunteers, Administrative Help – Interested in helping New Freedom Farm succeed as an organization? We are always looking for new volunteers and fresh ideas! Dedicated individuals who are committed to our mission are always welcome to come help us grow as a non-profit organization! Please contact us today for more information on how you can fit into the New Freedom Farm family!

Special Projects Around the Farm – We often have larger improvement and cleanup projects we can use help with – the farm environment, along with the care of our horses, is our number one priority. Barn chores, cleaning paddocks and fields, and many other projects can always use more helping hands!

If you have other skills that could support New Freedom Farm and our mission, please consider assisting us with planning and working at special events and fundraisers, writing articles, or helping to secure sponsorships and/or donations.

Expectations - Volunteers are expected to sign up for a day/time and a task before arrival. Volunteers are only allowed on-site if they have signed up and are working on a task.

Volunteer Forms

Prior to volunteering at New Freedom Farm, volunteers must complete the required forms and attend an orientation. Forms are available electronically below for both digital signing and download/printing. If you are unable to fill out these forms prior to your visit, they will be available to you upon your arrival.